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Convert your Figma design to HTML website with the Figma to plugin - without coding.

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  • Magic in seconds.

    Export your designs just in seconds and make it live fast with next simple steps.

    1. Prepare designs for export.

    2. Use Siter plugin.

    3. Make your website live.

  • Magic in seconds

Who is it made for?

We created the “Figma to HTML” plugin for everyone who wants to convert ready-made designs to live websites. This way, they can spend less time and money to launch or grow what they need.

  • Developers

    Save time on the coding process and launch your product as soon as possible for yourself or your customers.

  • Designers

    Launch or test your unique website ideas without overspending on hiring a specific developer to code your Figma design.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Expand your business aspirations and begin earning money from your products through the website quickly and easily.

  • Easy responsive
  • Easy responsive.

    Save even more time creating responsive websites by exporting Figma designs with Auto Layout to HTML without coding.

    Easy responsive Web

    Easy responsive Tablet & Mobile

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Each element on the board.

By using Siter plugin, we make sure that each element from your Figma project is supported and converted. Nothing can be lost.










Auto Layout







Try our editor and find out what is better for you.

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Community loves it <3

From designers to developers, from entrepreneurs to local business - all of those who faced our product, recommend it and it is our goal.

Elite Customer Service / Professionalism

The team at Siter are prompt and helpful — made the process of building and having the site go live much easier.



Jack BarnaUS

The Figma plugin integration is genius! Exporting designs into live websites effortlessly is a dream come true. The platform's commitment to a true no-code experience makes it a staple in my design toolkit.



Laura WhiteUS

Great support from the agents at

They walked me through the process of solving my issue very quickly and were also patient. I highly recommend their service because their website builder is easy to navigate unlike other website builders.




Really great nocode platform

Its really easy to use and someone who doesn't have strong technical skills was able to achieve my vision for my website with ease.



Adam GGB

I find easy to launch a website just with Figma design. I am not software developer but I can manage my simple website at ease. Any changes I want I can do it pretty easily



Siva MokkapatiSE

A+ tool especially for graphics designers

As a designer I am really enjoying It's easy, fast, and institutive. I was able to put up a pretty impressive website in one day. Customer service is also very responsive. Thanks for this amazing tool!




The technical support was amazing, they guided me to customize my domain step by step. I had no knowledge of domains or websites before but Siter changed my life! they also give designers the best opportunity to create web pages without coding.



Maggi MarinRS

This is so much more intuitive than other web builders, especially for designers and people used to tools like Figma. I particularly appreciate their new Figma plugin that makes it all that much faster and straightforward. It is a young product but the team is extremely dedicated and the support team is so helpful. They really go above and beyond to assist and help with whatever issues you might have.



Marie KvicalovaGB

A multi-layered product that allows you to go as deep as you wish as UI and UX designer. I've designed and released simple sites on Siter in a day, while I've spent weeks for others.

My Pros:

- Full control over how your site appears on desktop and mobile.

- Responsive from the box.

- Always up to date.




Fantastic process from prototyping to execution ! Siter is an elite tool with fantastic customer service and interface.



Jack BarnaUS

The founder is an ambitious, hardworking person who cares about his early adopters and community. The site maker is super easy to work with, and the support is there when you need them.



Prince RumiUS

  • Implement updates in one place.

    With Siter, you don’t have to fix or change issues in Figma and export again. Just do it right in builder with powerful features!

  • Domains

    Set the domain you own for your pages, or don’t. We provide a free domain, so you can distribute any info in your way.

    Intuitive interface

    Connect a code

    Have a embed code you like to add, whether it’s a tweet, directions to your restaurant, or a comments section.

    Embed Unsplash Integration

Even in collaboration.

Add your teammates to Siter and collaborate on designs exported from Figma directly in your account.

  • Development Siter Development Siter Development Siter


    Developer Siter


    I make some design changes and you text.

    Developer Siter


    Sure! Let’s do it and invite our client now.

  • Make your dream real.

    Start using right now, free. We are truly excited about you using this tool. We’ve baked a digital pie 🥧 for you with all the heart.

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